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Sound Therapist Learning Agreement

By submitting the registration form, I confirm that I am a legal adult and agree to all terms and conditions described here, and the general Terms of this website.

I take full responsibility for the learning materials that I will receive; I will ensure their appropriate use and will not breach the copyrights or allow duplication of any of the material. I understand that if such an event were to occur I would be held fully responsible. I accept the above statements and confirm that the material is for my personal use. If a breach of learning contract were to occur, I accept full responsibility for such actions and any related legal repercussions.


The Sound Therapist course fee is set up online upon registration as a recurring subscription charged to a credit card on a monthly basis. The monthly course fee is charged by Raj Academy in exchange for providing learning resources, educational services and support to students actively enrolled in the course. The monthly subscription continues until full payment for the course is received.


At the time of course enrolment the subscription is set up and the first payment is deducted immediately as a non-returnable deposit. Subsequent monthly payments begin during the month of the first module of the course.


By enrolling on the Sound Therapist course, I agree to complete payment for 12 months. If I discontinue during this year, I will incur an early termination fee of €600, £600 or $600 (according to the currency of payment). Any payments charged are non-refundable. It is possible to cancel the subscription before the first module begins. However, the first course payment charged at the time of enrolment is non-refundable.

A minimum number of registrations is required for the course to run. In case there are fewer registrations than the minimum requirement, Raj Academy reserves the right to cancel the course two weeks before it is scheduled to take place.