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close-up of a Taus with rocks behind

Revival Project

Raj Academy’s Revival Project is inspired by the journey of making our documentary, Sikh Musical Heritage – The Untold Story.

Seeing the loss of the original sounds, instruments and practice of Sikh music under the tides of history led us to a question: what are we doing now to make a difference?

The Revival Project is the difference!

This project will allow graduate artists from Raj Academy to make high quality professional audio and video recordings of authentic Sikh music. They will be encouraged to sing shabads that they have composed themselves and in turn to inspire others to make a difference and help to revive Sikh musical heritage.

It will create a platform to showcase and promote the real talent of our community. Age, profession or previous ability are no barriers and that is proven by the artists participating in this project.

We intend to create a permanent record of the distinct and powerful tradition of Sikh music, reducing the threat to its existence from the dominance of modern instruments and styles.

The project will produce a growing archive of recordings by musicians trained by Raj Academy in this emotionally finely tuned and universally accessible spiritual art, using the original instruments and fulfilling the instructions of its written source.

We wish to widen awareness of this richly rewarding musical practice, facilitate education and provide opportunities for diverse new artists.