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close-up of someone's hands held to their heart, while wearing a pashmina shawl

Helping More People


Ekta is our initiative to give back to the community in seva (selfless service) by creating trained local groups to offer Kirtan in care homes, schools, rehabilitation centres, hospitals and other institutions where the power of sound can be used to help others.

Healing is a key function of Sikh music as it was developed by the Gurus. To share the wonder of this in practice will enable us to grow as a community. We feel that delivering this experience will benefit and speak to all who encounter it and truly make a difference in their lives. The word 'Ekta' means unity.

Sikh Music Scholarship Fund

The wish to learn is not always enough. We meet many individuals who are extremely talented and passionate but do not have the financial means to support their study.

We would like to enable our courses to be taken by dedicated students who would otherwise not have the means. We hope to be able to offer five scholarships each year to worthy applicants once this fund has developed.

Research Fund

There is a great need for scientific research to show the beneficial impact that Kirtan can have on the mind and body. The teachings within the poetic compositions of Gurbani help us to understand its healing power. In order to reach more of our fellow human beings, we must be able to prove to them how it works.

The development of this fund will also allow us to approach mainstream healthcare organisations and offer Sikh music as an alternative therapy.