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Yogi Prof. Surinder Singh & Jasvir Rababan sitting with instruments in a field

Become a Master of Sound

Join us for the first ever Naad Yoga Teacher Training in the USA!

Led by Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh & Jasvir Rababan

A three-year teacher’s training taking you on a journey through sound

Naad Yoga is the essence of communication between the mind and the soul. Through the eternal sound current, learn the art of composing your life and experience healing, prosperity, joy and union with your higher self.

Course Outline

Each year includes three intensive weekend workshops, each followed by a 12-week module with digital media lectures and assignments, plus one intensive residential week.

Listening Skills – Voice Training – Instrumental Techniques – Musicology – Composition

Course Dates Year 1

Weekend 1: April 27-28 2019

Weekend 2: July 20-21 2019

Weekend 3: December 7-8 2019

Residential week: February 2020 (dates to be arranged)

Please note: the course commencement is based on the minimum number of participants with agreement by each student to participate in the course for a minimum of 12 months.

Course dates for years two and three are to be arranged.

Course Fee

Full course price: $2,400 per year (12 months) for three years, $200 per month.

Course payment is set up online upon registration, as a recurring subscription charged to a credit card on a monthly basis.

The annual fee covers:

  • all learning materials
  • teaching and other costs for weekends.

It does not cover:

  • cost of instrument
  • student's travel, accommodation and food costs
  • costs for the intensive full week.


Seventh Chakra Yoga, 19171 Magnolia St, Suite #14, Huntington Beach, CA 92646 United States

Terms and Conditions

Please read thoroughly the terms on the following page: https://rajacademy.com/nytt/terms. When you submit the registration form you will tick a box to agree to these terms.

Learn more about Naad Yoga Teacher Training or for more information contact Jasvir Rababan at info(at)rajacademy.com.