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Naad Yoga Teacher Training Learning Agreement

Level 1

I will be pursuing a course of three years' study on the Naad Yoga Teacher Training programme with Raj Academy Conservatoire. In each course year I will complete the study of two grades. By the end of the course I will complete the first six grades.

Level 2

I will be pursuing a course of one year's study on the Naad Yoga Teacher Training programme with Raj Academy Conservatoire. In this year I will be completing study of two grades (Grade 7 and Grade 8). 

By submitting the online registration form, I confirm that I am a legal adult, agree to all terms and conditions described in this learning agreement and the general Terms of this website, and accept the course fee terms of agreement and the early course termination policy described below.

The following terms apply to Level 1 and Level 2: 

I am aware that this is a distance-learning programme, through which I am guided by a personal tutor but am solely responsible for my weekly progression. I recognise my responsibility to be in regular contact with my personal tutor to achieve an optimal learning outcome. I am further aware that I will be updated after each grade via an internal assessment by the Raj Academy team.

I take full responsibility for the pack that I receive upon enrolment; I will ensure its appropriate use and will not breach the copyrights or allow duplication of any of the learning material. I understand that if such an event were to occur I would be held fully responsible. I accept the above statements and confirm that this pack is for my personal use. If a breach of learning contract were to occur, I accept full responsibility for such actions and any related legal repercussions.

I am aware that it is my responsibility to seek external LCM accreditation if and when I wish to do so under the guidance of the Raj Academy team or my assigned personal tutor.


The Naad Yoga Teacher Training programme course fee is set up online upon registration as a recurring subscription charged to a credit card on a monthly basis. The monthly course fee is charged by Raj Academy in exchange for providing learning resources, educational services and support to students actively enrolled in the course. The monthly subscription continues for the duration that the student is actively learning on the course and receives learning resources and support from Raj Academy.


The monthly subscription is set up online at the time of course enrolment and the course fee is deducted immediately, regardless of whether the instrument(s) is acquired. Study is expected to begin immediately upon course enrolment even while waiting for the instrument to arrive.


By enrolling on the Naad Yoga Teacher Training course, I agree to continue monthly payments for a minimum of one year. If the course is discontinued prior to a year, an early termination fee will be charged, regardless of the subscription. Any payments charged are non-refundable. Subscription can be cancelled within the first 30 days of course enrolment with no early termination penalty. However, the first course payment charged at the time of enrolment is non-refundable.

Upon cancellation within the first 30 days, if resources have been provided in a learning pack folder, then all course material is to be returned to Raj Academy in good condition within 30 days of the initial notice of course discontinuation. Failure to return a learning pack folder within 30 days of initial notice of discontinuation, or returning damaged learning resources, would result in an early termination penalty as described below. If learning resources were made available online, no further action would be required upon discontinuation.


Monthly payments will be put on hold effective from the next monthly billing cycle if a decision is made to take a temporary break of between one and three months from the course within any 12-month period. All prior payments are non-refundable. A temporary break lasting more than three months from the date of its origination is considered course discontinuation. Any such implied discontinuation within the first year is subject to early course termination policy.


A minimum commitment of one year is required from any student enrolling in Naad Yoga Teacher Training. If a student discontinues after the first 30 days of course enrolment, early termination policy will be applicable as the following:

Subscriptions in United States, Canada, or another country (excluding countries specifically mentioned below) are subject to a $500 fine. Currency will be as described below:  CAD for students from Canada; USD for students based in United States and other international countries. Subscriptions in United Kingdom are subject to a £500 fine. Subscriptions in Europe are subject to a €500 fine.