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a room with Yogi Prof. Surinder Singh teaching students, with two other musicians

Naad Yoga Teacher Training

Raj Academy offers Naad Yoga Teacher Training (NYTT) in the UK, Germany, Spain and the USA.

Do you want to connect with your soul? Hear the voice of your mind? Sing your own song as the composer of your life?

Naad Yoga Teacher Training is our most comprehensive course. It covers vocal training, listening skills, meditation in sound, the healing power of sound and its practical application, composition and performance.

It includes instruction on one of six traditional Indian instruments: Rabab, Saranda, Sarangi, Jori, Taus and Dilruba. It is possible to follow the course vocally only if you do not wish to learn an instrument (although we strongly recommend you do, as it will strengthen your vocal progress).

The course leads you to master the communication between mind and soul, creating an inner balance that allows you to become the best version of yourself and making you capable of dealing with anything life might throw at you.

You will learn the techniques of Naad Yoga (or Nada Yoga), harnessing your voice, building up your ability to listen and connecting with your own emotional landscape.

Once you are effective in communication with yourself, you will be able to teach these techniques in communication with others. The course has a core module called Sangat & Seva, giving students the opportunity to step into the role of teacher under the guidance of senior staff. Teaching others is the fastest way to mastery in any given subject.

The course has two levels: Level 1 (three years), and Level 2, a further year of development.

To register please fill in the form via the Register page, and email naadyoga(at)rajacademy.com with any queries.