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Saranda with text: 'Learn the sacred art of kirtan Guru's way with Guru's instruments'

Gurmat Sangeet Outreach

With Gurmat Sangeet Outreach you can learn to sing and play ancient Indian music in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

The course provides learning materials through modern technology combined with regular personal support from dedicated teachers. There’s also a growing network of fellow students.

The programme is popular in communities where there is a wish to explore the authentic musical foundation of the Sikh approach to life. It brings within everyone’s reach the ability to play the string instruments that the Sikh Gurus themselves played and promoted for use in Kirtan: Rabab, Saranda, Sarangi, Taus and Dilruba.

When you pick up your instrument and you start to play, it’s like a feeling between you, the instrument and Waheguru Ji. It’s a stress reliever, just an amazing experience and I really think everyone should experience this.

Bandagi Kaur, GSO student of Rabab, California, USA

As a student you will experience the vital role of raag (raga) in creating specific moods. Listening, singing and playing with this appreciation will open up a new dimension in your engagement with music, making it actively relevant in every waking moment.

Gurmat Sangeet Outreach makes learning simple and easy. It is a chance to be part of the revival of this spiritual heritage, with its boundless application to life.