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close-up of woman playing Dilruba

A New Approach to Kirtan Education


With the traditional approach to learning Kirtan, finding a qualified teacher can be a lengthy process. Often a qualified teacher is simply not available in the local area.

Having found a teacher, students may travel long distances to seek knowledge, dedicating five to seven years to their training. Many people have to make personal sacrifices in their academic education, family life or work to pursue their passion for Kirtan. This archaic method of learning is simply not feasible for many students.


Gurmat Sangeet Outreach revolutionises Kirtan education by bringing knowledge, resources and qualified teachers directly to your home. Digital media and online communications facilitate the learning process.

Everyone can now learn Kirtan with string instruments from highly qualified teachers, teachers who are accessible, believe in education and genuinely care about their students. Personal sacrifices or long-distance drives are no longer necessary.

1. No Experience Required

The Gurmat Sangeet Outreach programme is aimed at anyone who seeks the blessings of Guru Granth Sahib through singing Gurbani. You may be aged seven or seventy.

Previous experience in Kirtan or a background in music is not necessary to begin learning with Gurmat Sangeet Outreach.

Children, students, parents, grandparents, families and communities are all encouraged to learn Kirtan and make it an essential part of life. Our vision is to help all individuals nourish their physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing with this sacred art.

2. Easy and Accessible Learning

You can now choose to learn Kirtan in your own time and at your own pace. Whether you are a high-school or university student, a working parent or a senior citizen, this flexibility allows you to develop skills in performing this ancient music at your convenience.

Your progress is achieved through the individualised, one-on-one learning environment and input from our teachers.

3. Qualified Teachers

Raj Academy teachers are highly qualified with unparalleled background in Gurmat Sangeet and Sikh Music. Raj Academy Conservatoire trains and employs experienced teachers who have dedicated their life's mission to Kirtan education.

Teachers have received academic accreditation in Gurmat Sangeet by British academia and/or private certification from Raj Academy Conservatoire.

4. Affordable for Everyone

We believe in education that is affordable for everyone. The course fee is present to cover the basic costs of the resources provided to all students.

We do our best to make this course accessible to all, regardless of financial background. Assistance may be possible through community sponsorship. Please contact us if you seek financial help.