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Gurmat Sangeet Outreach Learning Agreement

I agree to pursue the Gurmat Sangeet Outreach (GSO) course according to terms and conditions as defined in this learning agreement by Raj Academy, and the general Terms of this website.


I am aware that Gurmat Sangeet Outreach is a distance-learning programme, through which I am guided by a personal tutor. I recognise that it is my responsibility to be in regular contact with my personal tutor to achieve optimal learning outcomes. I am further aware that I will be updated via an online or in-person assessment by Raj Academy teachers and staff after successful completion of each grade.

I take full responsibility for the learning pack that I receive upon enrolment. I ensure appropriate use of the learning resources provided to me and comply with all copyrights protection placed on the learning resources. I agree that I will not reproduce any learning material without explicit permission from Raj Academy unless it is for personal use only. If a breach of learning contract were to occur, I accept full responsibility for such actions and any related legal repercussions.


The Gurmat Sangeet Outreach course fee is a recurring subscription charged on a monthly basis. The monthly course fee is charged by Raj Academy in exchange for providing learning resources, educational services and support to students actively enrolled on the course. The monthly subscription continues for the duration that the student is actively learning on the course and receives learning resources and support from Raj Academy.

By signing and submitting the form, I confirm that I am a legal adult, agree to all terms and conditions described in this agreement, and accept course fee terms of agreement listed on the following page: https://rajacademy.com/gso/course-fee.