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woman with eyes closed, playing Saranda

A Journey of 1,001 Days

The Gurmat Sangeet Outreach course is designed as a three-year programme.


The first year focuses on establishing a comprehensive understanding of the musical notes used in singing Kirtan. Development of listening skills, vocal training and instrumental practice are integrated into the curriculum from the start. Additional key components of learning include

  1. Basics of rhythm played on Tabla or Jori percussion instruments
  2. Correct pronunciation of verses from Gurbani
  3. Terminology for the musical notes used to compose a raag.
Grades completed: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3


The second year supports progress from beginner to intermediate level. Listening skills, vocal training and instrumental practice continue to develop. New musical concepts such as meend and gamak are introduced, advancing the understanding of music and Kirtan to a deeper level. In addition, the second year emphasises

  1. Musicology in Kirtan - exploring the emotions in a raag
  2. Composition in music - an opportunity to begin exercising individual creativity
  3. Key performance skills for sharing Kirtan with other people within a congregation.
Grades completed: Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6


The third year elevates knowledge and understanding of Kirtan to an expert level. There is recognition and appreciation of the intricacies of music as a means of communicating the message of Gurbani. Students also develop

  1. Understanding of the practical purpose of each studied raag
  2. Application of the musicology in everyday life to enhance and uplift consciousness
  3. The skills to create new musical compositions inspired by life experiences
  4. Depth of understanding of musical ornamentation and arrangement in performance aesthetics.
Grades completed: Grade 7, Grade 8

The end of the third year completes the sacred journey of 1,001 days. Begin your journey with a single step! Register for Gurmat Sangeet Outreach.