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close-up of woman tuning Saranda

Course Fee for Gurmat Sangeet Outreach

The Gurmat Sangeet Outreach course fee is set up online upon registration as a recurring subscription charged to a credit card on a monthly basis.

The monthly course fee is charged by Raj Academy in exchange for providing learning resources, educational services and support to students enrolled on the course.

You will also need an instrument to start your journey of Gurmat Sangeet. For guidance on purchasing an instrument please contact support(at)rajacademy.com.

The monthly subscription continues for the duration that the student(s) is actively learning on the course and receives learning resources and support from Raj Academy.

There is a choice of two different types of learning pack.


The Individual Pack is designed for one person to learn Gurmat Sangeet with any one instrument from Sikh musical heritage.


The Family Pack is designed for two or more people from the same family to learn Gurmat Sangeet. Each family member can choose any one of the six instruments: Dilruba, Sarangi, Saranda, Taus, Rabab and Jori.

The Family Pack provides a discount to encourage the practice of Kirtan within a family.

Please note: for all international students residing outside the United States, Canada or Europe, payments must be set up in US dollars (USD).

Course Fee for United States

Type of Pack Per Month
Individual Pack (1 person): $ 150
Family Pack (2 people): $ 290
Family Pack (3 people): $ 340
Family Pack (4 people): $ 390
Family Pack (5 people): $ 440

Course Fee for Canada

Type of Pack Per Month
Individual Pack (1 person): $ 200
Family Pack (2 people): $ 390
Family Pack (3 people): $ 455
Family Pack (4 people): $ 520
Family Pack (5 people): $ 585

Course Fee for India
(UK currency)

Type of Pack Per Month
Individual Pack (1 person): £ 90
Family Pack (2 people): £ 170
Family Pack (3 people): £ 220
Family Pack (4 people): £ 270
Family Pack (5 people): £ 320

Course Fee for UK

Type of Pack Per Month
Individual Pack (1 person): £ 90
Family Pack (2 people): £ 170
Family Pack (3 people): £ 220
Family Pack (4 people): £ 270
Family Pack (5 people): £ 320

Course Fee for Europe

Type of Pack Per Month
Individual Pack (1 person): € 110
Family Pack (2 people): € 200
Family Pack (3 people): € 250
Family Pack (4 people): € 300
Family Pack (5 people): € 350

GSO lite

We also offer a pay-by-grade option called GSO lite, which gives you up to six months of support to complete a grade.


The Gurmat Sangeet Outreach course has been developed keeping people’s economic backgrounds in mind. From a single person to a whole family, everyone has the opportunity to learn Kirtan with string instruments from qualified teachers at a reasonable cost.

The course fee covers the basic costs of producing and running the course. Each student is provided with resources which include the necessary learning material and digital media, as well as tutor support.

The course fee does not include the cost of purchasing the instrument. There will also be a few extra things to buy to get the most out of the course: a digital tuner, Mere Mun set of eight CDs and booklet, and a small tripod for making video recordings.

Thirty years of academic research on Gurmat Sangeet has been put into this programme to make it as simple, easy and effective as possible. Students are requested to consider and evaluate the personal and economic commitment required to learn Kirtan with Gurmat Sangeet Outreach before registration.

Register after reading the terms below.

Terms of Agreement


The monthly subscription is set up online at the time of course enrolment and the course fee is deducted immediately, regardless of whether the student has acquired the instrument. Students are expected to begin their study immediately upon course enrolment while awaiting their instrument. One cannot sign up for the course and then request payments to be put on hold while waiting for the instrument to arrive.


By enrolling in Gurmat Sangeet Outreach, a student(s) agrees to continue monthly payments for a minimum of one year. If the course is discontinued prior to a year, an early termination fee is charged, regardless of the subscription. Any payments charged are non-refundable. Subscription can be cancelled within the first 30 days of course enrolment with no early termination penalty. However, the first course payment charged at the time of enrolment is non-refundable.


Upon cancellation within the first 30 days, if learning resources have been provided in a learning pack folder, then all course material is to be returned to Raj Academy within 30 days of the initial notice of course discontinuation. If learning resources were made available online, no further action would be required upon discontinuation. Failure to return a learning pack folder within 30 days of initial notice of discontinuation would result in an early termination penalty as described below. 


When an additional family member of an existing student enrols in Gurmat Sangeet Outreach, the monthly subscription increases; the new monthly course fee amount is based on the number of individuals from a single family actively learning on the course as described above. The monthly fee increases on the next monthly billing cycle.

Similarly, if a member decides to not continue with the course, the monthly fee will be adjusted based on the number of people from the same family actively learning. The monthly fee will decrease on the next billing cycle. There are no additional charges for changing between subscription types.


Monthly payments will be put on hold effective from the next monthly billing cycle if a decision is made to take a temporary break of between one and three months from the course within any 12-month period. All prior payments are non-refundable. A temporary break lasting more than three months from the date of its origination is considered voluntary course discontinuation. Any such implied discontinuation within the first year is subject to early course termination policy.

These revised course fees are applicable to all new registrations from 15 March, 2015, the fees for India from March 2017 and the fees for Canada from June 2017.


A minimum commitment of one year is required from any student enrolling in Gurmat Sangeet Outreach. If a student discontinues after the first 30 days of course enrolment, early termination policy will be applicable as the following: 

United States subscriptions are subject to a $500 USD fine. 
Canada subscriptions are subject to a $500 CAD fine. 
United Kingdom subscriptions are subject to a £400 fine.
Europe subscriptions are subject to a €500 fine. 
Other international countries not listed above are subject to a $500 USD fine.