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Get Involved!

The first thing to say is that if you’re inspired by Raj Academy's activities and aims, we’d love to meet you.

Why not come along to a workshop or concert? Or enrol on one of our courses: that's how your involvement can have the deepest and most rewarding impact.

We would encourage you not to feel limited by age, cultural background or lack of musical training or belief in your own ability – none of these are obstacles.

There are also plenty of other ways you can be part of what we do. Have a look at our Projects to learn about some of the things we are planning that your support can help to realise.

Of course we need financial contributions, but as a not-for-profit organisation our work is made possible by the dedication of many volunteers, so if your time is something you could offer that would be invaluable.

However you would like to get involved, please tell us about it! An easy way to start is by completing the form via the link below. Thank you!

Tree Project – Grow Your Future: Plant a Tree!

We deeply believe in training young people to be strong pillars of society. We also need to ensure that there is a healthy environment able to support future generations. We promote responsible use of nature's resources and individual action to do one's share for the good of the planet.

Our project ‘Grow your future – plant a tree’ aims to build up the tree population worldwide, and in particular in the Punjab region of India.

Raj Academy Conservatoire, Naad Yoga Council and Ardaas have joined hands for this project. Our aim is to plant one million trees in five years and raise public awareness of the importance of trees for the survival of humankind.

The tree population has been declining for centuries, while pollution has been increasing. Trees cleanse the air, produce oxygen, and a certain level of forestation is necessary to ensure sufficient rainfall. 

We have been turning a blind eye to the suffering of mother earth for too long, and all over the globe people are starting to feel the repercussions of climate change. NOW is the time to make a difference, and everybody can help!

Please support us by planting one tree every year, and have a hand in protecting the livelihoods of the future.

If you would like to offer support by starting a tree-planting project in your area, please complete the form via the link below.