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head-and-shoulders portrait of Yogi Prof. Surinder Singh with eyes closed

A Vision of Health and Happiness

The vision of our founder and president, Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh, is that of Bhai Gurdas Ji*:

Ghar Ghar Andar Dharamsaal Hovai Kirtan Sadha Visoa

Within every home let there reside a sacred shrine where the praise of the Divine is continuously sung.

Surinder Singh, born in Kapurthala, Punjab, started his journey of divine sound at the tender age of 13 with inspiration from his first teacher, his grandmother. His motivation is to reveal the joyous spiritual teachings of Guru Nanak in the manner in which they were intended.

He is a musicologist, writer, singer, composer, social reformer, academic and humanitarian, but above all he wishes to teach the sacred science of sound.

He has a humble vision of peace, humanity, happiness and beacons of love experienced through Sikh music. It is a gift that he wants to share through the message of Shabad Guru – the musical realisation of Guru’s wisdom.

Yogi Professor Surinder Singh strongly believes that “whatever is not shared is lost”. This is the root of his teaching activity. His aim is to help people understand the power of their emotions as key to unlocking the self-healing mechanism within every human being.

The technique uses spiritual music as a sound vessel for embracing and releasing suppressed emotions and attitudes, which may have been contained within the mind and body since birth. If we do not allow a vent for these intense and volcanic emotional energies, we leave our stressed bodies vulnerable to disease and illness that later cause self-destruction.

In the philosophy of Sikh music, the secret is to relate to musicology – the precise way in which sound directly manifests emotion and deeper truth. Only after we have truly experienced this can we create ‘real’ sacred music, which can make contact with emotional pain and dissolve it.

Music enters every aspect of daily life in many forms. Yogi Surinder Singh is opening up the dimension of music that can communicate on higher plains, using pure emotion through the sacred verses and raags (ragas) of Siri Guru Granth Sahib to express that which is inexpressible in words.

Once we have walked the path of experience and connected with our inner divinity through sound, then begins the magic that allows healing to take place and opens the space for joy, happiness and prosperity to enter.

“If we can help each other through our sufferings and problems only then can we call ourselves human.” – Yogi Prof. Surinder Singh

*Companion of four of the Sikh Gurus and first scribe of the Guru Granth Sahib.