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room full of students sitting on the floor with a group of four musicians playing Indian instruments

Sharing Ancient Indian Arts of Sound

Raj Academy is the largest institution worldwide delivering quality education and training for all in the arts of Naad Yoga (Nada Yoga) and Sikh music.

We offer concerts, workshops, practical courses and opportunities to train as a teacher or therapist. All our work harnesses musical composition for holistic healing, happiness and personal growth.

The ancient Indian raag (raga) system is a powerful technology for this. The word ‘raag’ means a musical mood. Listening to the melodies, tones and rhythms of a raag, we learn how they relate to our own emotional experience. When we can identify and express our mood musically, we can also change it simply by changing the music.

When we recognise a moment of life reflected in music, understanding and mastery of that situation is within reach. Composing our minds, we compose our lives.

Our curriculum for the musical navigation of experience is the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Its universal wisdom is brought to life in 60 different raags prescribed within the text for its recitation. This musical approach to communication and inner exploration was adopted by Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru, and taken on by his successors.

We use original string instruments, which support and enhance the voice beautifully. These are the Rabab, Saranda, Sarangi, Taus and Dilruba. We are leading their revival.

The art we teach is a priceless but largely forgotten jewel in humanity’s spiritual heritage. It is timeless and travels beyond religious and cultural boundaries.

Join us and be part of a new generation using sound to unlock a life that is uncompromised, loving and true to yourself while invaluable to others.

The legacy we want to leave is a living science of wellbeing carried by awakened teachers, yogis, therapists, musicians and leaders for the sake of the best possible future.

Photo Credit: Brian Rozman, Detroit, USA