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Rababi 550 - Reviving Guru Nanak's Legacy

Rababi 550 - Celebrate With Us

In November 2019 we celebrate 550 years of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's universal teachings and wisdom. Inspired by Guru Nanak's legacy we are extending our celebrations deeper to give back to humanity and bring a positive spark to many lives for years to come.

Guru Nanak spoke to humanity through his art of the unstruck sound, sharing this wisdom through the scripture Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It provides a tool for reprogramming our internal communication between mind and soul for increased emotional and mental wellbeing.

Raj Academy sets out to commemorate Guru Nanak's teachings this year by lighting the torch for future generations to walk in his spiritual footsteps. Our vision is of 550 individuals leading the way as role models of positive emotional health and mental wellbeing for their communities and the wider public.

For the next year we will celebrate by bringing to life Guru Nanak's timeless wisdom, which aspires to heal and awaken the highest potential within us for living a happy, healthy, prosperous and fulfilling life.

Exclusively for Panjabi Schools we are offering 50% sponsorships this year worldwide. To register your Panjabi School or for more information please complete our form.

You can download our publicity materials to inspire people in your local area to get involved with Rababi 550!

The word 'Rababi' refers to an individual engaged in Gurmat Sangeet as prescribed in Guru's court. With the Rababi 550 programme you will learn to:

  • play the Dilruba;
  • sing kirtan in Raag;
  • connect with the musicology of Shabad Guru;
  • understand santhiya;
  • connect with the purpose of kirtan in life; and
  • play your first Shabad on Dilruba in 12 weeks.

No previous musical training is necessary.

Graded certification will be provided by Raj Academy.

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